Indira Gandhi Panchayati Raj
Gramin Vikas sansthan, Jaipur

Satellite Communication Network (SATCOM) in Rajasthan

To utilize potentials of Satellite Communication in training and extension activities of line departments, Government of Rajasthan had decided to establish SATCOM in collaboration with Development and Educational Communication Unit (DECU), Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Government of India, Ahmedabad. Science and Technology Department is the Nodal Agency for it. For effective utilization and operation a Coordination Committee under Chairmanship of Chief Secretary with Principal Secretaries / Secretaries of various line departments as Members was formed. Under the network. Integrated Uplink Station (HUB) has been established and operational at IGPRS, Jaipur providing connectivity to Edusat, Telemedicine and Gramsat. Two way interactive terminals (two way audio and video ) Satellite Interactive Terminals (SIT) have been installed and tested at 32 Zila Parishads. One way video and two way audio, Receive Only Terminals (ROTs) have been installed and operational at all 237 Panchayat Samitis Head Quarters of the State. Ready made programmes of some of line Department are being relayed. A sizable studio at IGPRS is also ready for live telecast.

The network will be a widespread communication platform through which centralized lecture facility to remote areas, extension activities and propagation of policies of State Government to common masses.

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Dish Antena Earth Station Studio
Control Room

Integrated HUB at Indira Gandhi Panchayati Raj Sansthan.

A sizeable studio (30’ x 45’ size) for live relay, biggest facility in State Government Sector.

All the Zila Parishads are equipped with Satellite Interactive terminals (SITs) having two way video and two way audio facilities along with data transfer facility.

One way video and Two way Audio (Receive Only Terminals ROTs) at all the 237 Panchayat Samitis in the state.

Investment & Contribution

An expenditure of Rs. 6.0 crores have been made on establishment of network. Out of this Rs. 3.4 crore was provided by Medical & Health Department under European Commission funds.,Rs. 1.20 crore by Science & Technology and remaining by Medical & Health, IGPRS, Cooperative & Others An annual expenditure of Rs. 2.5 crores will be done in operation and maintenance, which will be shared by participating departments. In recent meeting held under Chairmanship of Principal Secretary, Finance it was decided that 50% of O & M cost will be shared by Rural Development, 25% by Medical & Health, remaining by Agriculture, IT, WD & CH, Education etc.


Recently an MOU with ISRO has been signed by the Department, for financial and Technical Support over a period of 3 years. ISRO has been allotted a free land for new location of their office Regional Remote Sensing Service Centre, Jodhpur by Rajasthan Housing Board at Jodhpur. In lieu of this, ISRO will provide financial support of Rs. 13.22 crores for 3 years for operation & maintenance of Gramsat, Edusat and Telemedicine network in state. ISRO will also honour current contracts done by Government of Rajasthan for MOU of this network.


The network is under administrative control of Department of Science and Technology, Project Director, State Remtoe Sensing Application Centre (SRSAC) is State Coordinator for it. A Research Officer and other supporting staff is posted to coordinate the activities. As per State Government decision the network will be operated on contract basis for which services of qualified engineers are engaged on job contract basis. This includes 8 Engineers at IGPRS HUB and Studio, 37 persons at Zila Parishads (One each at district and 5 Zonal Supervisors). In addition to these 32 technical persons will take care of ROTs at Panchayat Samitis. Thus an average of 100 Engineers / Technicians will get job through it, which with increase the coverage of network manifolds.


It will be used for training and extension activities of all line departments, prominent among are Medical and Health, Agriculture, Rural Development, Women and Child Health, Science and Technology, Revenue and others. Line departments will now not require training at large number of places but centralized relay with target groups at Zila Parishads and Panchayat Samities will be organised. A monthly calendar with daily time slots is planned to be prepared for various line departments. The line departments will arrange to collect the target groups accordingly.

Current Status of SATCOM Network

Satcom Network consists of an Integrated Uplink Station at IGPRS, 32 two way video and two way audio Satellite Interactive Terminals (SIT) at Zila Parishads under GRAMSAT, 44 SIT’s under Edusat and 38 SIT’s of Telemedicine. Apart from this, this network is connected with two way audio and one way video facility with 237 Receive Only Terminals (ROTs) at Panchayat Samities and 13 ROTs of Edusat. At present 20 SITs at Zila Parishads under Gramsat and 19 SITs of Edusat are workiing. 165 ROTs at Panchayat Samities are also working. All the Sites are expected to be operational by September end. The SATCOM Studio has become operational after the inauguration by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Rajasthan. The maintenance of Uplink Station and SITs has been entrusted with Bharat Electronics Ltd. ( A Government of India Enterprise), Bangalore while operation of HUB and operation and maintenance of Studio will be looked after by BECIL ( A Government of India Enerprise), Delhi. The operation of GRAMSAT SITs and Operation & maintenance of GRAMSAT ROTs have been assigned to M/s Everonn Systems India Ltd. Chennai and RHPL, Kota respectively.

Utilization Plan of GRAMSAT

As the network is basically for training and extension activities of line departments of State the line departments may start using SITs at Zila Parishads and DIETs which are currently functional. It is expected that in next 15 days most of other sites will also be operational.

Operation and Maintenance of SIT/ ROT under Edusat (DIET)

This pertains to the Edusat sites of Education Department. The maintenance of SIT of Edusat sites will be taken care by the department of Science and Technology. An MOU in this regard has already been signed between the Government of Rajasthan and ISRO. The operation of Edusat sites at present is looked after by the nodal officer nominated by the Education department.

O & M of infrastructure under Telemedicine

Maintenance of Telemedicines sites will be taken care by ISRO. At present the O & M of telemedicine sites is taken care by Medical and Health Department.

Future Plan

The network is planned to cover all Gram Panchayats and all Schools upto Secondary level in state. Presently Shiksha Sankul network is used for DIET/CTE locations and their activities. All line departments of state including school education will further be encouraged. It is also planned to rent out studio to private entrepreneurs for preparing their films etc. during night shifts.

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