Indira Gandhi Panchayati Raj
Gramin Vikas sansthan, Jaipur

State Institute of Rural Development

SIRDs are established in all the States of the country and are fully supported by the Govt. of India. The main Institute is situated at Hyderabad known as “National Institute of Rural Development”. These Institutes which are present in all States have basic objectives of training Capacity Development in the area of Panchayati Raj, Rural Development and the like. SIRD Rajasthan was taken over from HCM-RIPA in the year 1999 by an order of the Cabinet.

The State Institute of Rural Development (S.I.R.D.) Rajasthan is a part of I.G.P.R. and G.V.S. Jaipur. The mandated the task of capacity building of R.D. and P.R. department representative and functionaries in Rajasthan. This includes Capacity Building regarding Acts, Rules, functions and procedure regarding P.R.I.'s and R.D along with training regarding various P.R. and R.D. schemes being implemented by the State.

The S.I.R.D. helps in imparting both foundation and refresher training of representative and functionaries, so as to keep them abreast of the latest development in implementation of various schemes.

The National Institute of Rural Development for (N.I.R.D.) Hyderabad helps co-ordinate the CB&T efforts of S.I.R.D. by providing guidelines regarding new schemes of G.O.I., conducting Master Trainers programmes etc. It also conducts off campus course at S.I.R.D.'s flagship progammes of M.O.R.D. & M.O.P.R.

The Ministry of Rural Development helps augment the efforts of the S.I.R.D. by providing 2 types of grants to the Institute, which are as follows:-

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Under the Recurring grant, the M.O.R.D. provides every year 100 % grants for salaries of 5 faculty and 50% grant for salary of 7 other employees (The rest have to be borne by the Institute/State). It also provides some grant for meeting out training expenses of the Institute.


The M.O.R.D. (through N.I.R.D.) every year invites proposal by all S.I.R.D. for grants for augmentation of Infrastructure facilities in the Institute. This is mainly for training halls, hostel facilities, up gradation of existing infrastructure like computers, video conferencing systems, SATCOM, LCD's, furniture etc. These proposals are prepared by the S.I.R.D. cell (with inputs from faculty and officers) and sent to N.I.R.D., which after due checks/ inspections recommends it to M.O.R.D. - G.O.I for consideration. At the M.O.R.D. level, a committee examines the proposals and sanctions them (with due modifications) based on urgent/ reasonable needs of S.I.R.D.'s.

Co-ordination of Training

The Joint Director (I.G.P.R.S) is the overall Incharge for all training in I.G.P.R.S. He co-ordinates and makes necessary arrangements and monitor all training programs with the D.D. (Training) providing him the necessary support.

Training outside the S.I.R.D.

A number of S.I.R.D.'s and other Institute including N.I.R.D. regularly conduct training courses related to R.D.&P.R, Management Development Programme and D.O.P.T. sponsored Training Management Programme for the faculty of various S.I.R.D.'s

The S.I.R.D. evaluates and recommends name of faculty for various training programmes being organized by other Institutions.

Panchayat Training Centers

Rajasthan has three Panchayat Training Centers located at Ajmer, Dungarpur, and Mandore (Jodhpur) and their Training Programmes are coordinated by the SIRD Rajasthan. These centers are mainly engaged in the capacity development of the Gram Sevaks and in recent years have also been training Junior Engineers and Panchayat Extension Officers. In the years 2008 -10, the 3 PTC's carried out one month long foundation course for around 1,000 newly recruited Gram Sevaks. S.I.R.D. along with its own training calendar also prepares the training calendar for these training centers. S.I.R.D. also prepares their recurring and non recurring proposals and forwards the same to GOI for sanction.

Govt. of India provides liberal financial assistance to these centers under the recurring and non-recurring heads. The centers are being provided with modern training aids so as to make them ultra modern for providing such trainings for the sector through the help of Govt. of India and State Institute of Rural Development.

Proposals for opening district wise Panchayat Training Centers are also under consideration with the Government of India which would enable Rural Development Department and IGPRS to provide trainings more efficiently at the grass root level.

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